Charlotte & Castel


We are obsessed with the sea. Charlotte & Castel was launched in 2015, we wanted to create a line of sea salt soaps in honour of the ocean - that we love so much. We are inspired by the surfing lifestyle of chasing waves, living freely and spontaneously. A sailors longing to be back at sea amongst the vastness and beauty of the something greater than oneself. We are inspired and moved by the true beauty of the deep blue each and every day. It's the life blood of our company and there is a little drop of the ocean in each and every one of our sea salt soaps.

Like the swell of the ocean, our marbled soaps have fluidity and movement in each bar. Reminiscing of beach days, the saltiness of each bar provides a seaside bathing experience taking you away to ocean breezes and salty waters.


What we put into our small batch soaps and interior scents are pretty simple and all natural. Pure plant oils, butters and milks. Therapeutic essential oils and botanicals. Enriched with earth based clays for soothing and healing. Each beautiful bar is hand cut and our interior scents are hand poured.


All of our sea salt bars contain a high concentration of sea salt which is pure and natural, collected from the waters of the Mediterranean shores. Lending to softer, healthier skin, sea salt contains trace minerals and nutrients that help to draw out toxins from the skin and support better circulation in the body. It also helps to keep the bar harder and longer lasting.


Our packaging is pretty simple too. We letterpress our boxes and labels in our own studio, by hand, printing each box and label one by one. Using vegetable inks and printing on 100% recycled paper. Our soap boxes are folded in such a way that we don’t use glue. Our interior scents label is glued onto each bottle by hand using a glue we make ourselves, it’s so natural it’s edible! All our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.