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Coconut Oil

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The base of our Sea Salt bars is coconut oil. The benefits and uses of coconut oil are endless. A great and informative health blog to read about natural ingredients and well being is Well-Being Secrets. Packed full of great info on why coconut oil is so wonderful for you, here's the link .  Head on over and see why it helps to hydrate, condition and strengthen skin tissue. It contains high amounts of Vitamin E, which is known to help restore damaged skin. It can help skin heal faster after a sun burn or an infection.

You can use it as makeup remover by massaging a little amount around the eye area and gently wipe the excess off with a soft cotton cloth. No need to rinse your face afterwards, the benefits of the oil will help with under eye creases and elasticity! 

After a shower, slather it onto your entire body for the ultimate skin moisturizer. Or you can mix the oil with almost equal parts granulated sugar and any addition of essential oils and it is a wonderful body scrub in the shower!

Coconut Oil and Sugar Body Scrub:

75g granulated sugar

100g coconut oil

A few drops of your favourite essential oil

You can just mix the two together with a spatula until fully incorporated. Add your essential oil blend and mix until combined. Or slightly heat the coconut oil to make it easier to mix but if it is too warm it will also dissolve the sugar. If you do over heat the oil, let it cool to room temperature and then mix the sugar and EO's in. Store the mixture in a air tight container and keep it in your bathroom so you can use it in the shower!

If you want a deep conditioning hair treatment, slightly warm a medium pea size amount and work it through your hair from 1/3 of the length to the ends. Wrap it up with a towel and let it sit for a couple of hours or preferably overnight to get the full benefits of soft, shiny and healthy hair. 

You can cook with coconut oil too! It has a very high smoking point which makes it wonderful for stir frying and searing, by replacing the uses of vegetable oil and butter instead with coconut oil, making it a healthier choice.

We even make our own granola with coconut oil, it has a beautiful coconut flavour and the kitchen smells wonderful when you're baking it! Please see our separate journal entry for Coconut Granola!

Coconut oil is a true staple in our kitchen and on our beauty shelf!