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Activated Charcoal

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Our PINE + LAVENDER Sea Salt soap contains activated charcoal. It not only looks beautiful but it has some wonderful benefits for the skin too!

It is naturally derived from Bamboo or Coconut shells. Ours at Charlotte & Castel is derived from Bamboo.  

The activated charcoal absorbs and binds with environmental toxins and dirt deep into the pores, drawing toxins and impurities out from the skin.  It calms and frees up congested skin, helping to clear the pores of blackheads and bumps. It also restores and strengthens the skin barrier due to its gentleness and softening effect on the skin.

It helps the over all look of the skin of the body and hands by reducing skin pigmentation and discolouration and maybe even making skin look younger!

Not only that, but it is a natural deodorizer, perfect for the shower after sports and yoga!