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Happy Earth Day! Growing Microgreens and Repurposing Our Packaging!

Charlotte & CastelComment

In celebration of Earth Day, we thought we would share how we reuse our packaging of our soap boxes! 

There are so many benefits to growing your own microgreens, a bit like sprouting except in soil. They are the shoots of salad vegetables that can be grown from a variety of different seeds including herbs, vegetables and grains.  They grow relatively fast, from the time of planting to the time of cutting and eating can take between one to two weeks! Picked or cut with scissors after the first leaves have developed these tiny shoots are busting with flavour, texture and colour!

Anywhere with a lot of light, enough water to keep the soil moist and you have an indoor garden that will provide lots of nutrients and vitamins.

I've used any of the following seeds to grow: Basil, arugula, swiss chard, radish, chickpea, mustard, beetroot, spinach, carrots, sunflower seeds, amaranth seeds, broccoli, kale, pea shots, pac choi.

Perfect for the urban gardener, they can be grown just about anywhere!