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Soaking Chia Seeds!

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Chia seeds are a bit harder to digest when just simply sprinkled onto a salad or added to granola, but with a bit of time and water, these little seeds become easily digestible and really nutritious. Packed full of protein, high in fiber and full of good fats and Omega 3 fatty acids. If you're looking for some more info on chia seeds and why they're so good, head on over to Well-Being Secrets for After soaking, these seeds become a gelatinous mixture, making it easy to add to shakes and juices.

Here's how:

Use a clean jar and measure out the the chia seeds and liquid in a ratio of at least 1:3, for example, 10g chia seeds to 30g water or coconut milk, almond milk or any plant based liquid. Stir and let sit for at least 30 minutes, or overnight is best. This mixture can last between 3-4 days, so make enough to last you a couple of days! We add these soaked seeds to orange juice in the morning, our afternoon smoothy and simply as a shot in the mid-morning as a quick energy boost!