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Our New Interior Scents!

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We are so excited to announce our new Interior Scents are available for shipping out July 1st! There are 3 scents to choose from. BLOOD ORANGE + LAVENDER, CEDARWOOD + BERGAMOT and GERANIUM + KEY LIME.

Made in small batches, from all natural ingredients containing only therapeutic grade pure essential oils and purified water, they are the perfect alternative to air fresheners, dryer sheets and car sprays.

Instead of the use of dryer sheets, when laundry comes out of the dryer or off the line outside, gently mist bedding, towels and clothing for a delicate and fresh scent that lingers nicely.

To freshen living spaces or car interiors, a generous spritz around the room will leave a beautiful scent to enjoy, especially when guests are arriving, its such a great way to welcome company into the home.

No alcohol, no solvents or solubilizers, no synthetic fragrances or colours, just pure essential oils that are healing and safe to breath in, better for the environment and household!

Packaged in glass amber bottles that will protect the mixtures from light exposure which can degrade the quality of the essential oils. Our letterpressed labels are glued by hand, by us, with a glue that is all natural and does not require solvents to remove, making it better for our waterways and making it easier to re-use the bottle which we strongly recommend.

A gentle shake or a full rotation of the bottle will mix the water and oils together to prepare to mist. Mist in intended area and enjoy!