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Photo by:   Lauren Kolyn  for SOUVENIR -STUDIOS

Photo by:  Lauren Kolyn for SOUVENIR -STUDIOS

Bright, white, calming and perfect. These are the words I would use to describe SOUVENIR.

Here you will find the perfect gift, the most gorgeous textiles, ceramics, featured artwork and small batched apothecary, including Charlotte & Castel line. 

This is how the shop is best described. SOUVENIR "is a home for emerging designers, makers and artists; showcasing their talents in a collective, gallery-inspired setting.

The focus of SOUVENIR is to create a collaborative and dynamic space, offering a new and evolving vision of contemporary design. Beyond simply selling goods, our true purpose is to foster meaningful connections between our designers, our customers, our space and our products. We curate and believe in a range of design that is modern, innovative, accessible, beautifully executed, and above all - purposefully and lovingly made.

Besides highlighting individual talents, the shop promotes collaboration, encouraging artists and makers to push their own boundaries to create exclusive, limited run products for our shop. SOUVENIR is also a space for the community to gather, engage and discover. We hope to blur the lines between art and design, to bridge the gap between gallery and retail and to create memorable, evolving and engaging experiences for designers and customers alike".

Now who couldn't be in love with a space like this? Stop by if you're in Toronto at 1232 College Street or shop their soon to be Gift Registry online at